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Color Therapy Training

Unlock the healing power of colors and promote well-being through holistic color therapy

Instructor: Annup Singh

About the course


Color Therapy Training is a comprehensive course that explores the healing power of colors and how they can be used to promote balance and well-being. This training program provides in-depth knowledge on the principles of color therapy, its history, and its applications in various aspects of life, including physical, mental, and emotional healing. Through this course, you will learn about the different colors, their meanings, and the ways in which they can be incorporated into holistic treatments. Gain the skills and understanding to harness the transformative potential of colors and support others in their wellness journeys.

Key Highlights:

  • Discover the healing properties of colors
  • Learn how to incorporate color therapy into holistic treatments
  • Explore the meanings and symbolism behind different colors
  • Gain knowledge on the history and principles of color therapy
  • Develop skills to promote balance and well-being through colors

What you will learn:

  • Learning Outcome 1
    Understand the basics of color therapy, including its principles and benefits
  • Learning Outcome 2
    Explore the different colors and their meanings in relation to healing and wellness
  • Learning Outcome 3
    Learn how to incorporate color therapy into various healing practices and modalities
  • Learning Outcome 4
    Develop skills to effectively use colors to promote balance and well-being in oneself and others


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