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Unlock the power of eclipse portals for transformation and manifestation

Instructor: Prof. Annup SinghLanguage: Hindi, E

About the course


The course 'ALINING TO THE ECLIPSE PORTAL' is designed to help participants align their energies and intentions with the powerful energy of an eclipse portal. Participants will learn how to harness this cosmic energy for personal transformation, manifestation, and spiritual growth.

Key Highlights:

  • Harness the energy of an eclipse portal
  • Align your intentions with cosmic vibrations
  • Manifest your desires and accelerate personal growth

What you will learn:

  • Enhanced Alignment
    Learn techniques to align your energy with the potent energy of an eclipse portal.
  • Manifestation Mastery
    Discover how to use eclipse energy to manifest your desires with greater clarity and effectiveness.
  • Spiritual Growth
    Experience accelerated spiritual growth and personal transformation through eclipse portal alignment.


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